Mademoiselle Coco Chanel designed the 2.55 bag in February 1955, this iconic bag owns her name to the month and year of its birth. Coco deliberately designed it with a long chain to wear her bag on her shoulder, so she would have her hands free to enjoy a cigarette, hors d’oeuvres and a glass of wine at a party. A woman after our own hearts!

The most popular Chanel bag is the Timeless Classic Flap Bag, without a doubt. This bag often incorrectly is referred to as the 2.55 bag. We will try to explain this matter.

The Chanel Flap Bag is nowadays produced in two classic styles: the Reissue 2.55 and the Timeless Classic Flap Bag. Through the years many varieties of the Flap Bag have been introduced, which was very confusing. In 1983 Karl Lagerfeld managed to bring this number down and since then only two kinds of Classic Flap Bags are sold, these are:

- Chanel Reissue 2.55
- Chanel Timeless Classic Flap Bag


  • The lock at the front flap is different. The Reissue has a rectangular Mademoiselle turnlock closure, the Timeless Classic has an interlocking CC closure. Coco Chanel designed her famous CC logo herself, but it was Karl Lagerfeld who first introduced it as a closure on the front flap of a bag.
  • The leather of the Reissue is commonly pre-wrinkled, to give the bag a so-called ‘used look’. This is called ‘Aged Calfskin Leather’. The Timeless Classic comes generally in smooth lambskin leather or in caviar calfskin leather.
  • The chain of the Reissue is not interwoven with leather like the chain of the Timeless Classic is.
  • There’s a difference in sizing, see below.


  • A large interlocking CC logo is stitched underneath the second flap.
  • Pricing and value are the same for both styles.
  • Both bags come with silver or golden hardware.
  • Vintage bags in this style are slightly different; the corners are less curved than the current editions.
Chanel Crinkled Calfskin LeatherChanel Caviar Calfskin LeatherChanel Lambskin Leather
Chanel Crinkled Calfskin LeatherChanel Caviar Calfskin LeatherChanel Lambskin Leather


Chanel Reissue 2.55 Bag
A quilted bag with a rectangular Mademoiselle lock and a metal chain. This bag comes in different kinds of leather like patent, python and crocodile. Most commonly the ‘aged calfskin’ leather is used; a slightly crinkled kind of leather.

Comes in four sizes; 224, 225, 226 and 227. Size 228 is no longer in production since 2008.

StyleSize cm (wxhxd)
Chanel Reissue 2.55 224 20 x 14,5 x 7,5
Chanel Reissue 2.55 22524 x 16 x 7,5
Chanel Reissue 2.55 226 28 x 17 x 8,5
Chanel Reissue 2.55 22732 x 19 x 9,5

Chanel Timeless Classic Flap Bag
This quilted bag has an interlocking CC closure at the front and a leather interwoven chain. The Timeless Classic Flap Bag has a modern radiance, while the Reissue has a more vintage look.
Crafted in numerous materials, but mostly in lambskin leather or caviar calfskin leather. Comes in five different sizes: Mini, Small, Medium, Jumbo and Maxi. The Jumbo and Maxi were shortly made with a single flap, presently only available with double flaps.

StyleSize cm (wxhxd)
Chanel Timeless Classic Flap Bag Mini  16,5 x 14 x 6,5
Chanel Timeless Classic Flap Bag Small24 x 14,5 x 6,5
Chanel Timeless Classic Flap Bag Medium25,5 x 16 x 7,5
Chanel Timeless Classic Flap Bag Jumbo 30 x 20 x 10
Chanel Timeless Classic Flap Bag Maxi  33 x 23 x 10


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